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ILMS committees are key to helping our lakes and our members. Meeting on a regular basis our committees are committed to moving issues forward and achieving results.

We have several committees, each which specializes on different issues requiring focused attention.

Joining a committee is a great way to socialize, better understand lake issues all while helping your own lake community.

If you have questions that you feel might be best directed to one of our committees, and if you are interested in becoming a member of one of our committees, please contact them via the appropriate email link below.

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Executive Committee:

  • The Executive Committee consists of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past President and exercises all authority of the Board of Directors in the management of ILMS affairs during intervals between the meetings of the Board of Directors.  The Executive Committee establishes subcommittees for finance, strategic planning, and operations manual and also establishes other ILMS committees as stated in ILMS by-laws.

  • 2010/11 Committee Members: Ed Spanopoulos (chair), Sara Peel, Carrie Pintar, Laura Esman

Outreach Committee

  • The Outreach Committee is responsible for fulfilling the mission of ILMS through providing education and resources to ILMS members.  This includes administering the following programs: Workshops, Lake Leader Scholarships, Student Scholarships, Lakescaping, Individual/Association Awards, and Student Poster Contest.  The Outreach Committee also establishes subcommittees for student affairs, small grants, workshops, and lakescaping.

  • 2010/11 Committee Members: Angela Sturdevant (chair), Carrie Pintar, Sara Peel, Nate Bosch, Lyn Crighton (member)

Annual Conference Committee:

  • The conference committee is responsible for all items related to the annual conference. This includes identifying a conference location, contracting with a hotel for the conference, developing a conference theme and program appropriate for the region and lake and water quality related issues of that time, completing event registration, and identifying and securing exhibitors and conference sponsors. Other activities which occur in concert with the conference include: annual business meeting, board of directors and officer election, silent auction, award voting and presentation, student scholarship presentation, student poster contest voting, and dispersal of educational materials.

  • 2010/11 Committee Members: Sara Peel (Chair), Carrie Pintar, Nate Long, Heather Buck, Laura Esman

Membership Committee:

  • The membership committee is responsible for maintaining and increasing ILMS membership and exposure for the betterment of maintaining and improving our Lakes though knowledge.  The membership committee may establish subcommittee for directory and database.

  • 2010/11 Committee Members: Christian Anderson (Chair), Ed Sprague, Ed Spanopoulos, Heather Buck, Matt Kerkhof

Marketing Committee:

  • The Marketing Committee supports Outreach, Annual Conference, Membership and Legislative Committees through ensuring standardizing marketing materials with ILMS branding.  The Marketing Committee is also responsible for maintenance of the ILMS website, publishing of the quarterly newsletter, and development of the Sponsorship Initiative Program.

Legislative Committee:

  • It is the Legislative Committee’s duty to keep the membership informed of local, state, and federal legislative activities that may have positive or negative impacts on our Indiana lakes.  This task is completed through newsletter updates and e-mail blasts to our membership.  In addition, the committee attends Indiana Conservation Alliance meetings and participates in Conservation Days at the statehouse. 

  • 2010/11 Committee Members: Nate Long (chair), Jed Pearson, Sara Peel, Christian Anderson



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