Board Members

ILMS board members are active, hardworking, and knowledgeable individuals in and around the state of Indiana. We live in lake communities and understand the value of lakes management. We share a passion for proper management of water quality for lakes, reservoirs and watersheds with an understanding that in doing so we provide ourselves with a more enjoyable environment with quality water resources, while also benefiting native plant and wildlife.

We are happy to assist you with any questions about your own lake, lake and water management in general, memberships and any related topics. Please contact any of our board members via email by simply clicking the names or photos below.

Elizabeth Tompkins
Elizabeth Tompkins (2019)

Vice President

Joe Schmees
Joe Shmees(2019)

Sarah Powers
Sarah Powers (2018)
Christian Anderson
Christian Anderson (2018)

Sara Peel
Sara Peel



Diana Castell (2019)


Adam Casey

Adam Casey (2019)

Ryan Workman Portrait
Ryan Workman (2018)
Jade Young

Jade Young (2018)



Bridget Harrison (2019)


brendan 2

Brendan Hastie (2019)


matt rayl

Matt Rayl (2018)


Coming Soon

Dave Smith (2018)