Current Legislation

A new non-rule policy establishing a listing of public freshwater lakes under the authority of the Lakes Preservation Act (IC 14-26) will be presented to the Natural Resources Advisory Council at their meeting on October 14 starting at 10:30 am. The agenda is posted on the NRC website – Click here to see it. If approved by the Advisory Council, the policy will be presented to the Natural Resources Commission at their meeting on November 17.

This policy provides a list of the lakes that are known to be public freshwater lakes as defined in IC 14-26-2-1.5 and 14-26-2-3 that are north of State Road 26. Staff within DNR are beginning the process of determining the status of additional lakes that should be included in this list that are south of St. Rd. 26.

If you have questions about a particular lake, please feel free to contact Linnea Petercheff, Operations Staff Specialist with the DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife at 317-233-6527 or The process for removing a lake from this list or adding one is listed in the attached policy in Section 5 (See the attached policy by clicking here). If an individual wants to request that a lake be added or removed, the initial request should be in writing and sent to the Natural Resources Commission Division of Hearings. The letter should provide a narrative of the problem, who the other interested persons are and their addresses, and the relief sought. An Administrative Law Judge would schedule a preheating conference and attempt to move forward.

Lakes Management Workgroup

The Indiana Lakes Management Work Group (ILMWG) is a legislatively-created advisory group that examines issues related to the protection and management of Indiana’s public freshwater lakes. The ILMWG was originally established in 1997 and is authorized in two-year cycles. The ILMWG consists of 26 members, including four members of the General Assembly, three representatives from the Department of Natural Resources, a representative from the Department of Environmental Management, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, a member of the Indiana Lakes Management Society, and 10 members appointed at-large.

The purpose of the ILMWG is to facilitate collaborative efforts among state, county, and local government entities in cooperation with lake residents, lake-related organizations, and business. Actions include conducting public meetings to hear testimony and receive comments on lake resource concerns and to develop proposed solutions to address those concerns. This is accomplished by reviewing, updating and coordinating implementation of the ILMWG recommendations that involve statutory and administrative rule changes, funding, and public education.

Summaries of ILMWG meetings are drafted by a member of the ILMS.  These summaries are provided and archived here for your information.
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