Legislative Tracking Table

ILMS Legislative Tracking
House/Senate Bill Number Short Description Link
HB 1096 Construction Requirements of MS4 Operators: prohibits MS4 from requiring stricter run-off control than State permit
HB 1292 IDNR requirement changes, but repeals certain provisions concerning purple loosestrife and multiflora roses. Makes conforming changes.
HB 1128 Compulsory Sewer Connection: changes distance to require connection definition from property line to house structure
HB 1233 Environmental Management Matters: onsite sewage system requirements
SB 417 Distance between water well and septic system requirements
SB 361 Establishment of a Water Infrastructure Task Force
SB 362 Regulation of Water and Wastewater Systems: subjects developed utility or sewage district to oversight from the Indiana utility regulatory commission
HB 1423 Regional Water Resources Planning: establishes regional water resources management planning groups
SB 286 SPEA study of environmental policy: Requires IU SPEA to assess potential for development of low-carbon and green industries in Indiana.
SB 409 Regulated drains and environmental concerns: definitions for drainage maintenance
SB 178 Lake Michigan sand requirements: Regulates use of sand taken from Lake Michigan
HB 1089 St. Joseph River Basin Commission: amends the law concerning the Commission
HB 1289 Local regulation of natural resource development: restricts the power of a county (or other unit) to regulate development of natural resources on private property.


Lakes Management Workgroup

The Indiana Lakes Management Work Group (ILMWG) is a legislatively-created advisory group that examines issues related to the protection and management of Indiana’s public freshwater lakes. The ILMWG was originally established in 1997 and is authorized in two-year cycles. The ILMWG consists of 26 members, including four members of the General Assembly, three representatives from the Department of Natural Resources, a representative from the Department of Environmental Management, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, a member of the Indiana Lakes Management Society, and 10 members appointed at-large.

The purpose of the ILMWG is to facilitate collaborative efforts among state, county, and local government entities in cooperation with lake residents, lake-related organizations, and business. Actions include conducting public meetings to hear testimony and receive comments on lake resource concerns and to develop proposed solutions to address those concerns. This is accomplished by reviewing, updating and coordinating implementation of the ILMWG recommendations that involve statutory and administrative rule changes, funding, and public education.

Summaries of ILMWG meetings are drafted by a member of the ILMS.  These summaries are provided and archived here for your information.
March 24, 2010
October 21, 2009
October 6, 2009
August 6, 2009
May 4, 2009